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Elevate your rankings with Industry Leading SEO Strategy

Improving your organisation’s search engine rankings is key to a successful digital marketing strategy. Search Engine Optimisation makes it easier for your customers to find you online – without it, they will struggle to discover your website and end up supporting one of your higher-ranked competitors!

There are still many Gold Coast Digital Marketing Agencies that aren’t taking advantage of SEO in their development process. Often, Search Engine Optimisation is an afterthought; however, it should be forming the foundation of your online presence.

The SEO Gold Coast Team at Launch North will complete a full SEO assessment on your current website to gain a deeper understanding of your business – this way, we can curate the most effective SEO strategy possible. This full audit will allow us to bring you great results, faster.

Here is our proof. See why so many businesses choose our SEO Gold Coast team.

Before SEO
After SEO
Before SEO Results
Annual Organic Growth
Ranking Keywords
0 %
Return on Investment
After SEO Results
Annual Organic Growth
Ranking Keywords
0 %
Return on Investment

Why Launch North?

We curate personalised digital marketing strategies for each and every client of ours by looking at a range of critical components. At Launch North, our multifaceted approach to your campaign ensures that you will rank higher on search engines. These improvements mean we will be able to boost your website visitors from higher-quality traffic, leading to more sales!

We asked our clients why they love us, here’s what they came up with:

Personal Account Manager

Your very own SEO Gold Coast Account Manager, specifically designated to your Search Engine Optimisation Campaign.

Full Transparency

Our transparency is what sets the SEO Gold Coast team apart from the rest. We will always keep you in the loop with regular updates and be available to talk, answer questions so feel free to give us a call at any time! Also, you will have access to real-time task tracking, meaning you always know what is going on.

White Hat SEO Methods

With our SEO team, you will enjoy peace of mind knowing we only use ethical, white hat tactics in all of our digital marketing campaigns. Your marketing is in safe and secure hands with Launch North.

Don't Get Locked-In

We don't feel the need to lock you in with lock-in contracts; that's how confident we are in our SEO services!

Exceptional Communication

Communication is super important to us! We really enjoy building long-term relationships with our clients and making sure you understand what we are doing for you. Even if tech-talk isn't your strong suit, our team can simplify the language and talk you through our processes so you aren't left in the dark.

Consistent Reporting

All important data and information is reported on often so you can see the progression of your campaign. With real-time task tracking and scheduling you always know what we are currently working on!

52% sales increase

On average across all our Gold Coast clients in the first 6 months from search engine optimisation.

Chatti Software Marketing
Nibble Bikes
McGrath Real Estate Marketing
Adelphus Law
Prestige Doors
Mr and Mrs G Tiverbar

Search Engine Optimisation Case Studies

More Than Just Search Engine Ranking Reports

Today, an effective SEO strategy includes much more than simply increasing the traffic to your website. Your site’s search engine rankings are just one component of your SEO campaign; many other elements contribute to us helping you accomplish your marketing and business goals.

Our SEO Specialists are extremely results-driven! For this reason, the Launch North team makes it a priority to ensure the performance of your SEO campaign has always been reported on. The reports make sure that you understand how and why your campaign is currently performing.

The results we get you will speak for themselves, however, it is important to always stay updated with your digital marketing campaign so you are aware of its performance and maintain an understanding of our current strategy. Our SEO Gold Coast team guarantees that you know exactly the strength and growth of your presence online through quantifiable metrics that include: 

Search Engine Rankings

Your site rankings for each keyword search term.

Organic Website Traffic

The amount of traffic from Google searches and other search engines.


The total number of goal completions your website has converted on.

Site Bounce Rate

The percentage of users who leave after clicking on your website.

Average Visit Duration

The average amount of time traffic spends visiting your website.

Pages Per Session

The average number of pages users visit before leaving your site.

What You Should Expect From Our Team

Introductory Phone Call

As we mentioned before, we love talking! So, you can expect a phone call introduction so we can assign you with our most well suited SEO Account Manager for your business. They will be your point-of-call for anything to do with your Search Engine Optimisation campaign, meaning you will have a real person you can turn to for any questions you have along the way!

Your SEO Gold Coast Account Manager will call you within 24 hours to introduce themselves to you, consolidate your targeted keywords, and confirm any information they need to hit the ground running. We do this so you always know who you are working with and have a point of contact so all your questions.

We also love meeting with our clients in person, so we will make it a date or grab a coffee if you would like!

Thorough SEO Audit

Then we will complete a thorough SEO and website audit which includes:

  • Keyword research
  • Website audit
  • Technical optimisation
  • On-site factors
  • Content examination
  • User experience
  • Referring domains and backlinks
  • Competition research

3-Month SEO Strategy Revision

In business, it is absolutely critical to be constantly adapting and evolving to keep up with your industry's growth - it is the same in Search Engine Optimisation. This is why our team evaluated your digital marketing strategy and plan every 3 months. We have found that doing this ensures that we are on track to get your business great rankings and using the best tactics.



Search Console & Analytics

If it is not already, we will setup your website with Google Analytics data tracking so we know the ins and outs of your site's performance. Next, the team will create your Google Search Console and Google Business profiles. And, if you don't quite understand what those account mean, don't worry - we'll teach you how to use these and what we use them for.

Track Conversions

Once Google Analytics and Search Console have been setup, we will start tracking every move your visitors make - yes, we can do that. After doing so, we can remove the guesswork out of your SEO Gold Coast campaign and target the specific areas we know are letting down your online presence. This will allow us to boost your conversion rate and see the actions of your traffic, including: filling out a form, signing up to an email list, clicking a phone number, or adding products to a cart.

On-site SEO

Generally, on-site SEO optimisation refers to the most basic, however hugely influential, SEO elements on your site. Some of these include title tag optimisation, decluttering website code, site speed optimisation, and improving the quality of the content. 

Content Creation & Curation

Content is the best way demonstrate and give your customers an insight into your companies services, values and culture; and, it is critically important to Search Engine Optimisation. Google loves good, high-quality content - but, your customers love it even more. Search engines react to how your visitors react so we'll be keeping them in mind while creating your content.

As we complete your audit, your SEO Gold Coast team will take the time to understand you and your businesses team then align your website with your goals and mission. Next, we'll figure out if we need to optimise your current content or rewrite it all together - including, adding or combining pages.

Optimised Conversion Rate

Now that Google's most important ranking factors have been sorted, we will shift our focus to the user experience.

Let's be real, you don't just want people visiting your website, you want to convert them into sales of course! Since Google tracks and analyses the way visitors interact with our website, our help optimising your conversion rate will actually help improve your rankings too.

Our goal is also to help you convert the traffic we bring you.

Quality Backlinks

Your backlinks, referring domains, and entire backlink profile are a major factor in your search engine rankings. They are used by Google similar to a vote of confidence - the more website linking back to your website, the more authoritative Google assume you to be, therefore moving your rankings up.

The Google algorithm is continuously evolving and updating to detect poor quality backlinks. So, we will always stick to what Google says, quality over quantity.

Different link building strategies work better for specific industries. Our specialists will curate a list of link targets and opportunities based on their value, strength and domain rating. 

Reporting & Communication

Each month you will receive an update and report on your ranking improvements and progress of your SEO campaign. This will also detail the tasks we have completed and upcoming tasks scheduled for the following month.

Accompanying this overview will be your complete keyword ranking and traffic report - all the data, summarized in one report monthly.

Our company believes entirely in 100% transparency! Because of this, we provide you will access to a 24/7 task tracker which updates live, in real-time so you can see what we are doing, what we have done and what we are going to do next.

Turn Rankings into Revenue with SEO Gold Coast Services

It is probably quite clear to you now that you are at the bottom of the page that a lot of work and time goes into effective digital marketing and Search Engine Optimisation strategies; regardless of what business you are in!

SEO is critical to a strong online presence and ability to attract more targeted customers. Without Search Engine Optimisation, you are wasting the full potential and opportunity of your websites value.

Creating a strong online presence with our Gold Coast team of SEO Experts and Specialists will boost your sales process and allow more customers to come to you. This will save you time to focus on what you do best! Let the SEO Gold Coast team at Launch North turn rankings into revenue with proven Search Engine Optimisation and digital marketing strategies today.

SEO Gold Coast FAQs

Your SEO Gold Coast account manager will review and amend various components of your website to maximise its relevance to key phrases, searchability, and domain strength.

Our objective here is to control the search engine’s understanding of your website, in accordance with the search engine’s guidelines.

A wide range of changes could be implemented, and may include:

  • Creation of new pages and updates to the content of old pages throughout your site
  • Landing page title updates
  • Ensuring there’s only one canonical version of each URL on your website
  • Changes to the appearance of your website to make it easy to navigate and simple, clean and professional looking. This can include changes to page structures to place the most relevant information “above the fold”.
  • Fixing any internal errors on your website
  • Addition of relevant social media thumbnails
  • Changes to your site’s layout to ensure it is responsive (mobile-friendly)
  • Removal of duplicate content
  • URL optimisations
  • Title tag and meta descriptions optimisation
  • Changes to style options including font and colouring
  • Addition of conversion optimisation elements (contact forms, calls to action, etc.)
  • Site speed and image optimisation

The adjustments that we make to your website will be based on your business’ needs, the current state of your website and the SEO Gold Coast package you have chosen.

SEO Gold Coast is an online marketing strategy that aims to make your website more visible to search engines. By naturally and organically influencing the search results returned for carefully selected words and phrases, Search Engine Optimisation makes your website seen by more of the people looking for what your business offers.

Google Ads does not affect your SEO directly, although it will affect it indirectly if your Google Ads campaign directs more traffic to your website through clicks on your ads.

If new people are coming to your website, clicking through more pages, and spending time on each page they visit, Google will positively incorporate these engagement signals into how it ranks your page.

However, if people who come to your website leave very quickly, or do not click through to many pages, Google will interpret this as a negative ranking signal and adjust your place in the search results accordingly.

Our SEO campaigns are structured to get the fastest results possible. However, investing in an ethical Search Engine Optimisation package is a long-term marketing strategy. A strategy that follows the rules and is not likely to incur any penalties from search engines will take at least 6 months to start seeing results.

During this time you can rest assured knowing that you can leave at any time and take the digital assets we’ve created with you.

No. You should be wary of any SEO Gold Coast company offering such guarantees. Promising a number one ranking is against Google’s guidelines:

“Beware of SEOs that claim to guarantee rankings, allege a “special relationship” with Google, or advertise a “priority submit” to Google. There is no priority submit for Google. In fact, the only way to submit a site to Google directly is through our Add URL page or by submitting a Sitemap and you can do this yourself at no cost whatsoever.”

A Free Search Engine Optimisation Audit

We offer a Free SEO Audit that will help you understand how your website is performing currently and what our Brisbane SEO Specialists suggest implementing so you can start seeing ranking improvements to boost your sales.

The Launch North team strives to deliver an exceptional journey to all of our digital marketing clients that exceeds any other SEO Agency in Gold Coast. We will contact you within 24 hours to arrange a meeting where we will present our SEO Audit findings to you and ensure you have a better understanding of your site’s current performance. Next

 We’ll then leave you with a copy of our report, pricing options that are specific to your campaign and a digital agreement for your consideration.

There is nothing generic about SEO, so why would we make the process to understand your business goals the same as everyone else’s? Experience digital marketing done differently and submit an enquiry with us today.

What Our Clients Say

Mick Ivan
All Stone and Pave
Read More
I'm working with launch north, they've been doing all of my seo and google ads for my business as well as website etc.

As a stonemason I’m now getting more enquiry than ever before as we are at the top of first page for many of our key words to do with our business.

Highly recommend his company and the person himself. Great service, very professional and easy to deal with.
Prestige Door Services
Read More
Since working with Launch North, our online traffic and enquiries have increased by 30% within the first 4 months.

Over the past year we have seen a tremendous increase in online enquries and phone calls and have had to hire more staff.

Thank you Launch North!
Timothy King
Fast and Function
Read More
Chris' experience in web design has helped our pages to be clearer, easier to follow and definitely more organised. Thanks Chris.
Brian Hill
Read More
I am working with Launch North on improving our social media presence and their ability to come up with amazing content for blogs and posts has been truly outstanding. I am able to contact them at almost any time and on a couple of occasions I have had need of them last minute with projects and they have always come through for me.

I would highly recommend to anyone.

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