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Business communication has never been easier with Chatti’s SMS, voice, social, video and chat gateway technology.​ Chatti is an Australian Bulk SMS gateway provider, utilising some of the best technology in the world and bringing it right to our doorstep. 

With over 13 billion messages sent, Chatti is quickly becoming recognised as a powerhouse for SMS marketing.

Chatti Website SMS Page

The Challenge

Chatti knows most of there business is online, and although they have had plenty of success signing new clients through traditional sales, it was evident they needed to secure their presence with Google.

The Chatti website has been optimised for sales, but was missing key elements that would help them compete in a highly competitive space that is SMS marketing.

After our initial audit, we soon realised there was a high demand for his services online, but were nowhere to be found on any digital medium.

Our Solutions

After our initial audit and research, we promptly scheduled our first 3-month SEO strategy. Our aim as a digital agency is to deliver results that not only go the distance but are soon as quickly as possible.

After fixing all website issues, we began optimising all key landing pages for carefully thoughout keyword groups. We noticed ranking improvements on Google and Bing almost immediately.

Once we noticed an increase in traffic, we than moved our focus to the user-experience and converion rate optimisation. We simplified the sign-up process and removed clutter from each landing page.

Before website After website
Ranking Improvements
0 %
Increase in Organic Traffic
0 %
Increase in Conversions

Search Visibility

Month 1
Month 2
Month 3
Month 4
Month 5

Our Results

Within the first few months of SEO for, we saw significant improvements in their online rankings. Within 4 months we reached page 1 for many competitive keywords that resulted in an increase in organic traffic of 248%.

Launch North also created a high-level audit of the user experience and made significant improvements to how the users interacted with the website. One of the biggest improvements was our site speed optimisation, which brought the website speed down from 16.8 seconds to 4.5 second load time.

From this, we saw an online conversion rate increase of 132%.

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