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Our social media experts can assist you in devising a plan of how to approach Facebook Advertising to increase brand awareness & revenue for your business.

Facebook Advertising Brisbane
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What is Facebook Advertising?

In this day and age, not having a social media presence for your business is a cardinal sin, given over 72% of Australia’s population, or 18 million individuals, are on some form of social media at one point during the day.

In Australia, Facebook is the most common form of social media in use, with 1 in 2 Australians frequently logging into its platform.

Facebook gives it advertisers multiple options for businesses to reach their target audiences. You can start with generic ads, similar to what you see on Google Ads, or you just do a Facebook post, which is a great way to interact with potential customers. 

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Facebook Ads

While you can technically approach potential users who are at the purchase stage with a Facebook Post, a Facebook Ad is twice as effective, because like Google, Facebook gives precedent to those that are paying the big bucks. But acquiring real estate in this area is quite competitive, so it is best to save this tactic for the end of the funnel, where it has the best chance of creating a positive ROI.

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Facebook Posts

Organic Facebook Posts (those which don’t cost anything to promote) are a great way to build brand awareness for your business. You can engage with users on a human level and in turn peak their interests. The posts themselves can be information pieces about events within your business or links to a blog post. Either way, this is a great way to capture those potential users at the top of the funnel.

Facebook Posts is also a great way to capture users who are at the Consideration stage of the funnel i.e. those who are looking at potentially purchasing something you offer. You can send out a post describing a product you have and remarket to those who have search similar products.