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Launch your business with highly-targeted Social Media Marketing. Our digital team specialises in Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn online marketing.

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Launch Your Business On Social Media

Increase your brand awareness, page likes, engagement and more with Social Media Marketing from Launch North.

With almost 8 in 10 Australians now using social media and 50% of the population logging into Facebook on a daily basis, social media is a fantastic way to engage with your audience, no matter who they are. But not every business has the time or knowledge to utilise social media effectively.

Whether you’re brand new to social media or you’ve had social media pages for a while and simply aren’t generating the return you want from them, Launch North can help.

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Social media is a fantastic way to build awareness, authenticity and trust for your brand by creating and sharing useful, interesting and entertaining content that’s valuable to your audience.

72% sales increase

On average across all our clients in the first 6 months from digital marketing.

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Social Media Advertising

Unlike traditional media, with social media advertising, your business will be promoted to a highly relevant audience who are genuinely interested in the product or service you are selling – giving you better value for money and a higher return on investment.

In fact, Facebook is considered to be one of the most targeted advertising platforms available today. We will determine the best social media platform to advertise on for your business, design and implement the whole campaign and select a highly relevant and targeted audience to promote to.

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Social Media Marketing Brisbane

Social Media Management

At Launch North, not only will we manage your social media pages as well as create and share social media posts on your behalf, but we will also put best practices and strategies in place to grow your social media performance and ultimately help turn those social media followers into customers.

As experts in the field, we always stay up-to-date with the latest social media trends. We have the know-how to manage your social media pages correctly and ensure you get the most out of them to benefit your business.

There are so many ways to spread the word about your business on social media, and at Launch North, we will work with you to develop the very best social media marketing strategy to help your business grow.

Why You’ll Love Our Social Media Marketing

Create & manage the best social media pages

Not sure what social media platforms your business should be on? We will choose the best platforms for your business and help you create compelling content for them, whether it’s for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Pinterest.

Tailored social media strategy

We will create a tailored social media strategy that details your goals, content pillars, target market, competitor analyses and clear steps for how your social media campaign will progress. Once we’ve created a strategy and received your approval, we’ll get right to work!

Content creation

We get the balance right between promoting your business and sharing content your audience will enjoy on your social media platforms. We will collaborate with you to create a variety of original, sourced, and client-supplied content in the form of articles, photos, graphics and videos to boost engagement, likes, shares, and ultimately conversions.

Scheduling social media posts

It’s vital to maintain a regular post schedule with high-quality content to show that your business is thriving. We can keep your social media accounts updated with regular and current content, and we will schedule posts ahead of time for your approval before publishing it.

Create targeted social media advertising campaigns

No social media strategy is complete without social media advertising. Social media advertising allows you to expand your reach and awareness beyond your current followers to meet specific business goals. Along with providing advice on budgets, goals, and creatives, we can also produce, implement, and monitor all your social media advertising. We will apply our expertise to select the best platforms and target audiences for your advertising campaign to deliver the highest possible return for you.

Regular contact and support

Your dedicated account manager will offer social media advice and support when you need it via email, phone, or in person. We will contact and collaborate with you regularly to ensure your business is accurately reflected across all social platforms at all times.

Social media monitoring, comments & messages

We will monitor the performance of your social media pages regularly to keep track of comments or messages that come through. We will either respond to these messages on your behalf or advise you of these comments and messages so you can respond to them yourself.

Monthly Reports

Stay informed about the progress of your social media pages with our monthly reports that include key statistics about your social media performance and the results of your advertising campaigns.

What Our Clients Say

Mick Ivan
All Stone and Pave
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I'm working with launch north, they've been doing all of my seo and google ads for my business as well as website etc.

As a stonemason I’m now getting more enquiry than ever before as we are at the top of first page for many of our key words to do with our business.

Highly recommend his company and the person himself. Great service, very professional and easy to deal with.
Prestige Door Services
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Since working with Launch North, our online traffic and enquiries have increased by 30% within the first 4 months.

Over the past year we have seen a tremendous increase in online enquries and phone calls and have had to hire more staff.

Thank you Launch North!
Timothy King
Fast and Function
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Chris' experience in web design has helped our pages to be clearer, easier to follow and definitely more organised. Thanks Chris.
Brian Hill
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I am working with Launch North on improving our social media presence and their ability to come up with amazing content for blogs and posts has been truly outstanding. I am able to contact them at almost any time and on a couple of occasions I have had need of them last minute with projects and they have always come through for me.

I would highly recommend to anyone.