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Our content specialists are talented wordsmiths who have been specially trained to write for the online arena to help boost your online rankings and increase conversions.

Content Marketing Brisbane

Content Marketing Services

They say, ‘Content is Key’ and it is correct. Skillful marketing content is of the utmost importance that’s going to show up for your business in several ways. Firstly, you’re going to be taken seriously, and that’s an important element when competing in the digital world.

Copywriting for SEO purposes and Google Ads requires technical knowledge, artistic flair and marketing smarts. Read on to see how our content specialists can bring this winning combination to your business’ website – no matter what your product, service or field may be!

Writing Copy that Humans & AI Enjoy

Google recommends online content with the notion of not wasting the user’s time. This is why it’s important to understand the behaviour of the algorithms, luckily, our talented wordsmiths have this covered and make sure that your website is not one of the ones weeded out by Google. We do this by writing content that meets your potential customer’s search intentions and will appeal to Google Robots.

This is where the magic happens! This is how your website will be loaded with the right content:

  • Searchable

    Recognised by Google’s algorithms

  • Readable

    Enjoyable and interesting to read

  • Valuable

    Meeting visitor’s search intent

  • Profitable

    Steers readers towards fulfilling your business objectives

Content Writing Brisbane

User Value: The New Way Ranking are Determined

Google is using one key factor to determine the worth of a website’s content: How much comparative value its web pages are delivering to the reader beyond blatant self-promotion.

When people search Google for a particular term or set of keywords, they are doing so with a specific intent in mind. This intent could be to locate a web page they already know about, find the answer to a question, or compare prices for a product or service.

We don’t write content for just anyone who happens to stumble onto it – our content writers know your audience, recognise their intent, and fulfil this need using the tone, vocabulary and approach that resonates most with your target market.

SEO Brisbane

Why Search Engine Optimisation Matters

While businesses understand that their websites need content, it is, however, more than that. It is important to not underestimate the power behind search engine optimisation.

Without the understanding of SEO, a beautiful piece of writing has never had any visibility, as it has not met the requirements by Googles AI to be pushed to the right audience. This is due to the competitive market of billions of words being uploaded daily onto google.

This is why our digital marketing content writers have been trained to produce content that is clear, concise and Google Robot friendly while combining their natural flair for writing in the mix.

Our Clients

What Our Clients Say

Adam Magill
Adam Magill
00:59 09 May 22
Fantastic team to work with extensive knowledge on SEO and advancing company brand.
Chris Higgins
Chris Higgins
02:43 08 Apr 22
The team a Launch North are professional, efficient and simply get the job done. Thanks LN Team.
Clint Dixon
Clint Dixon
02:42 04 Apr 22
As a client, I am super impressed with these guys. Chris is attentive and truly caring.I cant recommend him enough.
David Wright
David Wright
06:17 31 Mar 22
Chris has reinvented how we view social media and google. He has taken us from zero to Hero in 5 months.Way beyond my wildest dreams. Thank you so much Chris and Team.
Jeremy Paterson
Jeremy Paterson
06:27 30 Mar 22
From the moment I met with Chris, nothing was too much trouble. The website and content was completed in a timely fashion to the specifications I required. I would have no hesitation in recommending Chris and his team and looking forward to working closely with them in the coming months and reaping the rewards due to their marketing know how and experience.
Eugene Bradshaw
Eugene Bradshaw
09:59 20 Sep 21
Chris at Launch North is extremely helpful, I have been working with him for a few months now and I have seen an increase in sales since I started. He checks in daily and gives great advice which is very helpful.
Timothy King
Timothy King
07:13 11 Aug 21
Chris' experience in web design has helped our pages to be clearer, easier to follow and definitely more organised. Thanks Chris.
Bryon Hill
Bryon Hill
08:52 04 Aug 21
Since engaging Launch North in early 2021, Chris and his team have redesigned the way that we approach marketing and vastly improved our web presence as a recruitment software provider of 26 years, their ability to understand what I was trying to achieve having not really spent very much time on marketing before was more than I could possibly of imagined.My company now has a much more professional and fit for purpose presence in our own industry, our web rankings have improved to the point that on some of the best searches for my industry keywords we are already on page 1 of google (from page 9 and higher) and many people have complimented me on the new fresh image that we are trying to put across including our new website.I am working with Launch North on improving our social media presence and their ability to come up with amazing content for blogs and posts has been truly outstanding. I am able to contact them at almost any time and on a couple of occasions I have had need of them last minute with projects and they have always come through for me.I would highly recommend to anyone.Brian HillRDB Now PTY Ltd
James Sears
James Sears
01:29 04 Aug 21
Since working with Launch North, our online traffic and enquiries have increased by 30% within the first 4 months.We've had to hire more staff to keep up with the work. I highly recommend them for digital marketing.
Mick Ivan
Mick Ivan
23:22 21 Apr 21
I worked with Chris at launch north, he has been doing all of my seo and google adds for my business as well as website etc. As a stonemason I’m now getting more enquiry than ever before as we are at the top of first page for many of our key words to do with our business. Highly recommend his company and the person himself. Great service, very professional and easy to deal with.

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