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About RDBnow.com

RDB Now is a Recruitment Software company providing a next-generation Candidate Management System that will revolutionize your business. As the fastest growing Recruitment Software, RDB has quickly become the leading provider of Recruitment Software for agencies and organisations of all sizes.
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The Challenge

As a company that offers a cloud-based service, it makes sense that the majority of their potential clients would be generated through online marketing methods.

RDB Now’s previous website did not perform well and was riddled with many technical website errors, all disadvantaging them in growing their online presence.

After completing our Free SEO Audit, it became apparent that RDB Now were competing in a highly-competitive market that would have huge upside through the right execution of digital marketing strategies.

Our Solutions

Once we had finished our initial research and audit, we planned and scheduled the first 3-month strategy. As a digital marketing agency, it is our core mission to deliver long-term results as fast as possible.

For RDB Now, our digital marketing strategy included 3 main services: Search Engine Optimisation, Google Ads, and Content Marketing.

We began by redesigning the website and fixing all of the Technical SEO errors. Next, we optimised all of the major landing pages for specific, strategically chosen keywords – noticing significant ranking improvements almost instantly.

We started to notice major increases in website traffic, so the team begin to prioritise the experience of our targeted users and converting on more of our visitors.

Before website After website
0 %
New Visitors
0 %
Increase in Organic Traffic
0 %
Increase in Conversions

Search Visibility

Month 1
Month 2
Month 3
Month 4
Month 5

Our Results

There were substantial ranking improvements over the first 3 months of the SEO Campaign for rdbnow.com – improving their search visibility significantly.

Over the last 5 months, the campaign has seen us reach page 1 for some of the most competitive keywords in the industry. These ranking improvements have increased organic traffic by 211%.

Additionally, our focus on the user experience has become a priority, made easier through a high-level audit developed by Launch North. Implementing the information found through the audit has allowed us to make further adjustments to change how users interact on the website and ensure they have a positive experience. Since doing so, we have seen online conversions increase by 86%.

Client Testimonial

Since engaging Launch North in early 2021, Chris and his team have redesigned the way that we approach marketing and vastly improved our web presence as a recruitment software provider of 26 years, their ability to understand what I was trying to achieve having not really spent very much time on marketing before was more than I could possibly of imagined.

My company now has a much more professional and fit for purpose presence in our own industry, our web rankings have improved to the point that on some of the best searches for my industry keywords we are already on page 1 of google (from page 9 and higher) and many people have complimented me on the new fresh image that we are trying to put across including our new website.

I am working with Launch North on improving our social media presence and their ability to come up with amazing content for blogs and posts has been truly outstanding. I am able to contact them at almost any time and on a couple of occasions I have had need of them last minute with projects and they have always come through for me.

I would highly recommend to anyone.

Brian Hill


Brian Hill from RDB Now

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