Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard: What Google Trends are Telling Us

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If you’ve been on social media at all over the past few weeks, you have no doubt seen the memes and news articles about Johnny Depp and Amber Heard battling it out in court.

Reading comments on who’s winning appears to be in favour of Johnny Depp across most social media platforms. But this got us curious.. what are people searching for and what does those searches tell us (if anything)?

Let’s dive in.

Google Trends Results

Google trends is a powerful tool that tells us what’s trending on Google. Below I put in Johnny Depp Innocent and Amber Heard Innocent.

Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard Google Trends

Based on Global searches, we can see a sharp rise in searches of “Johnny Depp Innocent” during the period of his time on the stand.

Whilst “Amber Heard Innocent” received less than half those searches during her time on the stand.

Now these results may be skewed because of Depp’s popularity and in no way reflects his innocence, but nonetheless it’s interesting to see how the searches are trending.

Region Comparison

With Google Trends, you can compare searches by country/region. So, what exactly did we find?

Regional Comparison

United Kingdom

Search results are close with 56% of searches in the UK believe Johnny Depp is Innocent vs 44% for Amber Heard.


Australia has 57% in favour of Johnny Depp vs 43% for Amber Heard


In India, the search results are 58% support for Johnny Depp and 42% for Amber Heard


Canadians are 65% supporting of Johnny Depp vs 35% support Amber Heard

United States

In the US a whopping 73% are in support of Johnny Depp vs 23% for Amber Heard

Other Regions:

Region 2 Comparsion
Region 3 Comparison

Ireland, Singapore, New Zealand, South Africa, Sweden, Phillippines, Netherlands, France, Spain, and Italy all appear to support Johnny Depp.

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Chris Sears
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