4 Content Marketing Trends to Embrace in 2022

Content Marketing 2022
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Content marketing has become a critical part of competing in the digital world. Over the years Google has put an increasing amount of weight on content marketing as a ranking factor, and because of this, we have seen an explosion of content creation all around the world.

Executing a strong content marketing strategy has many benefits; it keeps your readers engaged, it can increase sales, it generates backlinks and social shares, and it drives more traffic to your business.

Below are our top content marketing trends to give you the competitive edge in the battlefield of digital marketing.

1. Create a Better Content Experiences

The customer experience is critical to your online marketing success. When your potential client visits your website, are they engaged with your website? Are they clicking through to relevant pages? Or are they simply leaving?

You will need some form of tracking tool (like Google Analytics) to know what is really happening on your website.

Below are some top tips to improve the content experience of your website:

  • Use headings that capture your audience’s attention
  • Break up your content with headings tags (avoid large walls of content)
  • Link to internal pages and external sources when relevant
  • Use lists when possible (like this one)
  • Make use of images where possible – a picture does speak a thousand words

2. Answer Questions

The trend in 2022 is Google is pushing more toward content that answers questions about your products or services. What is it that your clients really want to know, and more importantly how can you convey that information?

Through the power of FAQ schema, you can not only provide that information on your website, but you can show it right in the Google Search Results.

For all your products or services ask yourself, “what information do my customers really want to know?” if you don’t know the answer then ask your sales team what questions have been raised with them.

Add the questions and answer them directly on your website. Not only will you target more keywords, and improve the quality of your page, but will increase your rankings and online conversions.

3. Interactive Content Marketing

Content needs to capture your audience’s attention to keep them engaged, and what better way to achieve this than with interactive content.

So what is interactive content?

Interactive content is a way of displaying information that requires the user’s input. Interactive content does require more time and resources to create, the payoffs can be huge. Not only does it keep your visitors more engaged, but they’re also much more likely to be shared, generate backlinks and is much more memorable than reading just a wall of text.

Some top examples of interactive content include:

  1. Calculators
  2. Interactive infographics
  3. Videos
  4. eBooks
  5. Quizzes

eBooks are incredibly popular because of how effective they are. By utilizing an eBook that people want to download, you can capture their contact details and remarket to them at a later date.

4. Increase your Blogging Efforts

Blogging has been around for many years and has proven to be an effective way to generate content on your website in an effective format.

When blogging, it should start with keyword research. What questions are people want to be answered? By starting with keyword research, you will learn what keywords to use, how many visitors you’re likely to attract, and how popular that topic is.

Being an established business, you want to create in-depth blog articles that blow your competition out of the water. Spend time on them and delve into deeper detail. These factors will signal to Google that your content is high-quality and in-depth and will be rewarded with higher rankings.

Chris Sears
Chris Sears
Chris Sears is one of Australia's highest regarded digital marketing specialists and has a strong reputation in the SEO world. Chris has helped hundreds of businesses and corporations succeed with digital marketing throughout Australia and internationally.
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