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Our Link Building Brisbane Team are specialists in growing your backlink profile with ethical, white hat tactics!

Launch North provides transparent link building services that are proven to attract high-quality, relevant backlinks to your web pages. To rank on Search Engines today, backlinks are key to your success and building your domain authority.

What are Backlinks in SEO?

A backlink is simply a link pointing from another website to yours. Search engines consider backlinks to be a vote for your site and much like a testimonial, the higher the quality of that source the more value your site will receive.

Chris Sears
Link Building SEO Brisbane

So, what is Link Building?

Now that we understand the value of a backlink, the importance of building new links is quite obvious but lets take a look at what this actually involves.

Until the arrival of the Google Penguin algorithm update where Google took its’ first step toward eradicating spammy SEO practices, the most common forms of link building were directory submissions and article submissions. Both of these practices involved either submitting your site’s URL to a link directory or submitting an article (often of questionable quality) to an article directory purely for the sake of a backlink.

Thankfully, this is now little more than a distant memory in the white-hat SEO world. These days the only types of links you should be building are high quality “editorial” links from real websites.

High-Quality Strategies

Our transparent tactics are proven to boost your backlinks and referring domains that are certain to improve your domain authority and search engine rankings.

Quality Over Quantity

There is a misconception that the more links your website gains, the higher your positions will be. Fortunately this is not the case. When it comes to link building, the quality of the links will always out-weigh the quantity. In fact just a few quality backlinks will outperform hundreds of poor links.

With the recent Google algorithm changes, having a higher quantity of poor links could also be penalising your website.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is all about creating high quality, helpful content that you can use to contact relevant sites. This can be anything from a great blog post to informative videos, infographics etc. If they are interesting enough or provide info that people are searching for then you will often find other relevant sites are happy to link back to your great content or include your media on their site and credit you. 

This option is quite time consuming and certainly takes some practice but it does offer a higher success rate, particularly for the more powerful links.

Outreach Management

Old fashioned outreach involved nothing more than sending out hundreds of emails to relevant business in vain hope of a response. At Launch North we like to take this a step further by taking the time to better understand out link prospects, offering a “give” with some value or picking up the phone and giving them a call.

Effective outreach is about being selective with the sites you contact and engaging them as a person, not just begging for links en masse and hoping for the best!

Local Niche Directories

While directory submissions are typically something to be avoided, there are a few exceptions.

Local directories, especially those specific to your product or service, can still provide some great value and are a great way to pick up some valuable links with much less effort than other link building tactics.

Listing your site in places like Yellow Pages, True Local, Yelp etc gives your clients another place to hear about your business. Google’s “Pigeon” update is set to actually improve the strength of these sites in the search rankings so they’re not about to be a negative link any time soon.

Link Building Services Brisbane

How to Determine High-Quality Backlinks

There are a wide range of metrics available to measure the strength of a backlink but the truth is, none of them are completely accurate. They do give us a reasonable understanding of a site’s link strength at a glance but its so important to manually review them before you take any drastic action.

Below are what we currently consider to be the top three tools available to check the quality and strength of your backlinks.

Backlink Tools We Recommend

Each of these tools uses a slightly different metric but the basis behind them is about the same in that they measure two different factors; quality and quantity typically referred to as trust and citation.


A website’s trust score is calculated by looking at how far removed they are from a set of seed websites. Think of it like “degrees of separation”, the fewer sites between you and one of the seed sites, the higher your trust score.


The citation value is essentially calculated on the number of backlinks pointing to a site. Just like most things in the SEO world, there are a lot of complex variables involved so more links doesn’t necessarily mean higher citation.

So, the best way to determine if a site will be a valuable backlink is to consider both the trust and citation of the link and do a manual revision of the actual site.

When looking over the site you’re really looking for some of these more obvious signals that you want to avoid:

What Our Clients Say

Mick Ivan
All Stone and Pave
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I'm working with launch north, they've been doing all of my seo and google ads for my business as well as website etc.

As a stonemason I’m now getting more enquiry than ever before as we are at the top of first page for many of our key words to do with our business.

Highly recommend his company and the person himself. Great service, very professional and easy to deal with.
Prestige Door Services
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Since working with Launch North, our online traffic and enquiries have increased by 30% within the first 4 months.

Over the past year we have seen a tremendous increase in online enquries and phone calls and have had to hire more staff.

Thank you Launch North!
Timothy King
Fast and Function
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Chris' experience in web design has helped our pages to be clearer, easier to follow and definitely more organised. Thanks Chris.
Brian Hill
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I am working with Launch North on improving our social media presence and their ability to come up with amazing content for blogs and posts has been truly outstanding. I am able to contact them at almost any time and on a couple of occasions I have had need of them last minute with projects and they have always come through for me.

I would highly recommend to anyone.

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